Prices & Rates List

Hourly rate - includes time needed to complete reports, edit or render video, and time involved in online searches.

$ 70 per hour


$ .45 per mile

Multiple investigator hourly rate

$ 30 per hour per extra person

CD - with information or video

$ 5.00

DVD - with information or video

$ 10.00

VHS tape

$ 5.00

8mm tape

$ 5.00

Mini DV tape

$ 5.00

Color photos - This included full pages of color photos as provided in the samples.

$ 1.00 per page

Per Diem - when required to stay overnight out of town.  This does not include motel fees.

$ 40 per day

Price Rates


Our hourly rate is 70 dollars per hour.  Tax is included in all prices.  We bill clients in 15 minute intervals with a 15 minute minimum charge and after the first 15 minutes we round to the nearest quarter hour.  Future testimony in court will be billed to the client using the same rates and fees used during the investigation.




An up front retainer is required in the amount of $700, however the amount of the retainer does not prohibit the client from requesting that more work be done than originally anticipated.  If the work ceases before the billing amount reaches the retainer paid then the difference may be refunded to the client. 


Sales Tax


The state of Texas requires that private investigators charge sales tax for all services rendered. Sales tax of  8.25 percent will added to all bills.


Other Expenses Not Listed

If there are other expenses involved in an investigation, they will be billed to the client at cost and receipts provided if available.  Examples include hotel / motel rooms, specific long distance calls, surveillance on someone inside a movie theatre (cost of tickets) etc.


We normally include two copies of the final report, at no charge, if you hire us for more than ten (10) hours.  This allows one for you and one for your attorney.