Scott Lorenz

Scott Lorenz is a former Police Officer from the Killeen Police Department, Killeen Texas.  Scott has 14 years of police experience, 4 years experience in retail loss prevention, and is still a licensed police officer in Texas.

Scott was a former Narcotics Investigator with the Killeen Police Department Organized Crime Division.  Scott served as Police Officers in Kosovo (the former Republic of Yugoslavia) for one year and was in charge of Special Operations in two cities.   

Scott has years of experience investigating criminal activity and has investigated cases on the local, state, and federal level.  Scott has law enforcement contacts in local, state, and federal jurisdictions.  Scott has experience in retail theft and loss prevention and has investigated medical malpractice and workman’s compensation claims.  Past investigative experience includes homicides, sexual assaults, burglaries, weapons offenses, money laundering, prostitution, narcotics, and all types of organized criminal activity.  We stay current on criminal case law and statutes as well as surveillance and privacy issues surrounding investigations.

Courtroom Testimony & Experience

Scott has testified in Local, County, District, and Federal Courts.  Scott has been case agent on large narcotics conspiracy investigations.  Scott has worked closely with the Bell County District Attorney’s Office and the Assistant United States Attorney’s Office in the Western District of Texas during the prosecution of many types of cases including large narcotics conspiracy cases and homicide cases.  Scott has logged many hours of testimony on the stand in District and Federal Court.  Scott has testified as an expert witness on street level narcotics distribution in Federal Court for the Western District of Texas and in State District Court.

Case preparation experience includes identifying, locating, and interviewing witnesses, obtaining historical information on finances, phone tolls, rental cars, witnesses and suspect’s associates, identifying assets for forfeiture, and other historical background information.  Scott often prepared and distributed all of the discovery information for the prosecutors in Federal Investigations. 

Specialized Equipment and Techniques

Lorenz Investigations utilizes many different and creative techniques in obtaining information and conducting surveillance.  We have digital video and still cameras.  We can obtain video documentation of surveillance, including nighttime surveillance with night vision technology.  Our past experience in narcotics law enforcement has provided us with thousands of hours of experience in conducting undetected surveillance, including mobile and stationary.


We always provide professional looking reports with a complete breakdown of all activities which can be tailored to meet your needs.  Video documentation can be provided to you in almost any format including, CDs, DVDs, and color printing.  (See sample reporting format)

Professionalism & Integrity

Lorenz Investigations has always conducted all investigations with honesty and integrity.  We are committed to conducting all of our investigations professionally and confidentially.  Our reputation as well as our client’s reputation are of paramount importance.  

Scott Lorenz graduated from Salado High School in Salado, Texas and attended Central Texas College while working for Southland Corporation (7-Eleven). Scott created a security department for Southland Corporation and became Loss Prevention Manager for Southland Corporation in charge of over 40 stores. He worked for Southland Corporation for more than 4 years and was responsible for investigation of employee theft, robbery prevention and investigation, training store employees, and training store managers in hiring techniques. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice in 1995 and Graduated from the University of Central Texas with a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration in 1996. He was hired by the Killeen Police Department in 1993. Scott spent 3 years as a Patrol Officer and was then transferred to the Organized Crime Division. Scott spent 5 years as a Narcotics Investigator and 4 of those years in a deep undercover capacity. He purchased narcotics, stolen property, stolen cars, and weapons in an undercover capacity. He conducted hundreds of hours of mobile, covert surveillance in the course of criminal investigations. He was case agent on several Federal Narcotics Conspiracy cases and testified as an expert witness in United States District Court for the Western District of Texas and State District Court. He authored many evidentiary search warrants and was sought by other agencies, including the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, to assist in writing evidentiary search warrants. He taught Constitutional Law and Search and Seizure to Killeen Police Officers and other law enforcement agencies. In October 2001, He was hired as a Civilian Police Officer by the United Nations as part of the Peace Keeping Mission in Kosovo. He was in charge of the Operational Support Unit in Prishtina, Kosovo for 6 months and later was in charge of Operations at Lipjan and Stimile Police Departments in Kosovo. Scott’s mission in Kosovo ended in October of 2002. He still meets the continuing education requirements as required by TCLEOSE and maintains his Texas Peace Officer Certification. Scott is a college instructor, teaching Criminal Justice at Central Texas College.
Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice
Master of Science Criminal Justice Administration
Licenses Held
Texas Peace Officer License
Texas Private Investigator License
Awards and Recognition
Killeen Police Officer of the Quarter 1995
Killeen Police Officer of the Year 1995
VFW Officer of the Year 1996
Killeen Police Plain Clothes Officer of the year 1997
Knights of Columbus Police Officer of the year 1999
Killeen Police Plain Clothes Officer of the year 2000
Killeen Police Commendation 2001
Twice recognized by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration for outstanding contributions to the field of drug law enforcement.